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Youth Experience Wednesdays @ 7

  • Biblical Teaching
  • College/High School Student led worship
  • Engaging small group discussion
  • Fun Games

Tuesdays @ 5

  • Student leadership development
  • Students will learn Biblical leadership principles

Current Series

  • Mind Over Matter—Teaching students to live a Godly life in a world that says they can’t.
  • Upcoming series—Worship—Alex Sanchez will be teaching students what it means to worship God.
You will findcommunity, confidence, faith, purpose, calling, passion.


We want students to be on fire for God. We believe that through real relationships in small groups and biblical teaching students will learn to follow God not only in high school, but for their entire lives.


Our heart is to see students come to know Christ. We have several events throughout the year that are solely evangelistic in nature, for the purpose of reaching students who would not normally come to church.


We believe that in each student is a leader waiting to be developed. We go on a missions trips, leadership conferences, and encourage our students to serve on Wednesday nights, and in various other ministries to build them as leaders.

Our Mission

We are sold out to inspire, reach, and develop next generation leaders.

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